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Production of 3D Mapping Content

Production of 3D Mapping Content for event- Transforming physical spaces and objects for projection

Here at Macgyver Consultants International, Projection Mapping Tech is one of the most potent tools in our array of Technologies that help us Build tailor-made Interactive Environments for our clients based on elements specified by you; Everything from the colour, theme, branding, imagery to bring out the desired impact highlighting your primary branding and messaging elements with our team of highly talented and acclaimed visual designers to ensure the outstanding quality that we deliver every single time.

As one of the leading Projection Mapping Company in Singapore, we unlock the magic and power of light; redefining and reshaping the venue and objects to deliver an appealing and immersive experience powered by the latest projection technologies available in the market.

We have also done many events where we have projected on existing buildings. To make this possible we have to first do a survey and LIDAR scan of the venue with our survey team. This gives us an accurate representation of the venue in 3D which is stitched together and cleaned up by our 3D artists. This can be used as the template to put the customized content on with our visual designers and this is why we are able to do projections that look like they belong in the building. Our dedication to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve a coherent story arch and theme for the brand activation or event is what makes us one of the best in the industry

We have planned, managed, and flawlessly executed several events organized for promotional affairs using this revolutionary digital media method.

Get in touch with us and allow us to help you plan an amazing event that stays in your memories for a long time. The results we deliver are nothing short of magnificent.